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1927 All Day Meeting Craggie Hope.jpg
The 1927 all day outing at Craggie Hope sponsored by P.W. Worden, county agent.

1927 Poultry and Terraace work 1.jpg
Photographs of poultry and sheep agricultural care and garden terracing from P.W. Worden's 1927 county agent report.

1927 Sweet potatoe beds.jpg
Cheatham County once had a thriving sweet potato crop production. These are 1927 photographs of sweet potato planting the sweet potato warehouse in Ashland City .

1927 Boys Club Tobacco 1.jpg
Photographs featuring tobacco crops in the 1927 annual report by P.W. Worden, county agent.

1927 Corn Demonstration.jpg
Crop demonstrations and farm gardens photographed in 1927 by County Agent P.W. Worden found the 1927 annual report.

1927 Boys Club 1.jpg
Photographs from County agent P.W. Worden's annual report from 1927. These photographs are from the Boy's Club projects and outings.

CCHS Seniors 1915-16 a.jpg
Photographs of the Senior class of 1915-1916 of Cheatham County Central High School. These photographs are in the Jackson Family Photograph Album. The photographs were made at the first high school building which burned in 1916. It was located behind…

Sycamore Creek from the Big Bridge.jpg
Views of Sycamore Valley and Creek from the Jackson Family Photography Album. the views are from the rim of the valley and from the bridge on the creek and other areas.

Marrowbone Bridge old highway (2).jpg
Photographs of the old Marrowbone Bridge and Marrowbone School from the Jackson family photograph album.

Cheek cabin Birdsong Sycamore (2).jpg
Photographs from the Jackson family photo album featuring Sycamore Mills and the Sycamore Community.

AP Jackson 1 (2).jpg
A. P. Jackson (1856-1929) was the final superintendent of Sycamore Powder Mills. DuPont closed the mill after the last large explosion in 1904. AP Jackson bought the property of 1700 acres in 1909. He farmed the area and also served on the county…

Bill Allen.jpg
A certificate of appreciation presented in memory of Bill Allen for his military service. Signed by President Richard Nixon.

WH Chambliss property 1948.jpg
The auction notice appearing in the August 24, 1948, Ashland City Times for the auction of the W.H. Chambliss farm near Pleasant View.

Sycamore Mill hands homes 1973 (2).jpg
The remaining mill hands homes at the site of Sycamore Powder Mills 1973

1915 CCHS Class (2).jpg
The class of 1915 at Cheatham County Central High School. The school was located behind the present-day Ashland City Methodist Church. It burned the next year.

1953 Seniors 5.jpg
The senior class of 1953 Cheatham County Central High School from the 1953 annual "The Echo".

Doyle Williams home & Assembly of God Church.jpg
The former home of Doyle Williams. It was located at the corner of Main and Forrest Streets in Ashland City. The location is now home to a Dollar General Store. The building formerly housed a Rite-Aid Drugs. In the background can be seen the old…

Thespian award.jpg
The technical assistant award given to Walter Pitt at the senior awards banquet 1979.

JE Hudgens article 1.jpg
Ashland City Times article from the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the Rev. Jesse and Martha Hudgens. The event was held at their home on Adkisson Street in Ashland City.

JE Hudgens Golden Wedding Invitation.jpg
Photographs from the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the Rev. Jesse and Martha Hudgens. The event was held at their home on Adkisson Street in Ashland City.
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