~Growing the Archives~

     Our purpose is to serve as the primary repository for Cheatham County Government records, and to maintain the collection and preservation of those records, along with that of historical documents, photos, and other materials.  As stated in our mission and vision, we strive to promote local government efficiency and historical preservation, while providing innovative approaches to research and expanding accessibility of selected historical resources to the community.
We welcome donations of photographs and documents pertaining to Cheatham County families and communities.  If you  have items such as those that you would like to keep, but wish for them to be a part of the Archives, we are happy to digitize those items for you at no cost.

Recently Added Items

1946 annual "The Echo"

1946 Echo cover.jpg

The 1946 edition of the annual "The Echo" of Central High School. featured are the faculty and classes of the high school.

1946 Film Stills

The old Ashland City Church of Christ

Film stills from the 1946 Ashland City Film. The stills were created from the film by Sandra Gregory and Jake Lockert. The stills include businesses,…

Montgomery Bell Tunnel

Tunnel 1.jpg

The Montgomery Bell Tunnel at the Narrows of the Harpeth.

1952 Senior Class Superlatives

Senior superlatives 1.jpg

The superlatives of the senior class of 1952 at Cheatham County Central High School

1952 Faculty Cheatham County Central High School

Faculty 1.jpg

The 1952 faculty of Cheatham County Central High School as found in the 1952 Echo yearbook.

1952 Echo front cover and snapshots

1952 Echo.jpg

The 1952 Echo annual of Cheatham County Central High School

1946 Cheatham County School Bus

1946 school bus 1.jpg

1946 Cheatham County School bus. The bus was on the Evans property in Ashland City but has now been purchased for restoration.

Standard Candy Company Letterheads

Standard 1.jpg

Letterheads on invoices from the Standard Candy Company of Nashville, TN. The invoices are in the estate file of W.C. Eatherly.

Plain View Cafe

1953 Plain View Cafe(2).jpg

1953 photograph of the Plain View Cafe from the 1953 Echo, annual of Cheatham County Central High School.