~Growing the Archives~

     Our purpose is to serve as the primary repository for Cheatham County Government records, and to maintain the collection and preservation of those records, along with that of historical documents, photos, and other materials.  As stated in our mission and vision, we strive to promote local government efficiency and historical preservation, while providing innovative approaches to research and expanding accessibility of selected historical resources to the community.
We welcome donations of photographs and documents pertaining to Cheatham County families and communities.  If you  have items such as those that you would like to keep, but wish for them to be a part of the Archives, we are happy to digitize those items for you at no cost.

Recently Added Items

Harold G. Pitt Sr. family

Pitt Family.jpg

Harold G. Pitt family Thanksgiving 1970s. FRONT: Ken Gentry, Melissa Pitt Gentry, Sarah, Walter Pitt, Karin Gecho, Harold & Pat Gunn Pitt, Joyce &…

1st grade Ashland City Elementary School 1950-51

1950-51 1st grade Ashland City Elementary.jpg

The 1950-1951 1st grade class of Ashland City Elementary School.

Pickard Family

Pickard Family a.jpg

An early act on the Grand Ole Opry, the Pickard Family from Cheatham County are shown here in the early 1920s.

Jesse Thomas Darrow & Stella Mae Rediker

Darrow 1.jpg

Jesse Thomas Darrow & stella Mae Rediker early 1920s. They were married June 25, 1925. Horse is named Emma. Photograph taken by Will Darrow the only…

1951-52 Cheatham County Central High School Boys Basketball Team

1951-52 CCHS Boys Basketball 1.jpg

1951-1952 Boys basketball team at Cheatham County Central High School

1951-52 Cheatham County Central High School Girls Basketball Team

1951-52 CCHS Girls Basketball 1.jpg

The 1951-1952 girls basketball team at Cheatham County Central High School.

Tobacco Warehouse Ashland City

Tucker warehouse.jpg

J.F. Tucker tobacco warehouse in Ashland City. It was located where the Tennessee Central depot was once located.

Midway Mills late 1890s

Midway Mills 1.jpg

Photographs from the late 1890s of Midway Mills.

Cheatham County Courthouse Memorial

Memorial 1.jpg

The program for the dedication of the veteran's memorial at the Cheatham County Courthouse in Ashland City, Tennessee.