~Growing the Archives~

     Our purpose is to serve as the primary repository for Cheatham County Government records, and to maintain the collection and preservation of those records, along with that of historical documents, photos, and other materials.  As stated in our mission and vision, we strive to promote local government efficiency and historical preservation, while providing innovative approaches to research and expanding accessibility of selected historical resources to the community.
We welcome donations of photographs and documents pertaining to Cheatham County families and communities.  If you  have items such as those that you would like to keep, but wish for them to be a part of the Archives, we are happy to digitize those items for you at no cost.

Recently Added Items

Beech Creek Coal Company brochure

Beech Creek Coal 1.jpg

A 1940 brochure from the Beech Creek Coal Company. The brochure was provided by Allen Brothers Grocery in Cheap Hill which sold the coal.

Sam L. Harper Article, Nashville Tennessean newspaper March 6, 1949

Sam L. Harper 1.jpg

1949 newspaper article detailing a 1906 murder in Cheatham County involving the Night Riders.

Allen Brothers Grocery Letterhead 1940

Allen Bro. Letterhead 1940.jpg

Letterhead from Allen Brothers Grocery in Cheap Hill 1940.

James Noble Gunn & Pauline Heathman Gunn Family

JN Gunn family 50th wedding anniversary.jpg

James Noble Gunn Sr. and Pauline Heathman Gunn family. Photograph is at the Gunn's 50th wedding anniversary at the Ashland City Methodist Church. L-R:…

Cheatham County Plain Dealer Advertisements

CC PD Ads.jpg

Advertisements from Cheatham County's first newspaper, the Plain Dealer. It was published from the late 1870s through the early 1880s. Featured are…

Jimmy Heathman

Jimmy Heathman.jpg

James H. Heathman II (1924-2017) son of James H. Heathman I and Lillian Ann Russell. Grandson of B.F. Heathman Sr. and great grandson of Edward F.…

BF Heathman Sr. Children

Heathmans, Lucille Middleton, Pauline Gunn, Chambliss Heathman & BF Heathman.jpg

Pictured are the children of B.F. Heathman Sr.: Lucille Middleton, Pauline Gunn, Chambliss Heathman and B.F. Heathman Jr.

Noble and Pauline Gunn Home

Noble and Pauline Gunn house, Spring Street Ashland City,1988.jpg

The former home of Noble and Pauline Gunn on Spring Street in Ashland City. The home was demolished in the early 1990s. Presently four habitat for…

James Harris West

James West photo.jpg

James Harris West, his brother and Leslie Liles Allen's Great Grandfather ran The Decherd Hotel that was destroyed in the April 1909 tornadoes that…