~Growing the Archives~

     Our purpose is to serve as the primary repository for Cheatham County Government records, and to maintain the collection and preservation of those records, along with that of historical documents, photos, and other materials.  As stated in our mission and vision, we strive to promote local government efficiency and historical preservation, while providing innovative approaches to research and expanding accessibility of selected historical resources to the community.
We welcome donations of photographs and documents pertaining to Cheatham County families and communities.  If you  have items such as those that you would like to keep, but wish for them to be a part of the Archives, we are happy to digitize those items for you at no cost.

Recently Added Items

Harold Pitt, US Navy Documents

Classification Card I.jpg

Cards from Harold George Pitt, Sr. military service. These include the registration certificate and classification card.

Survey of Pleasant View for Incorporation 1921

Pleasant View Survey 1921 I.jpg

Survey made for the incorporation of Pleasant View 1921.

Pauline and Noble Gunn

Pauline & Noble Gunn.jpg

Pauline and Noble Gunn

Henry and Calista Chambliss

Calista & Henry Chambliss front of Livery Stable (2).jpg

Photograph of Henry and Calista Chambliss standing in front of The Livery Stable in Pleasant View.

Retired Cheatham County Central High School Teachers

Retired Teachers.jpg

Photograph of retired faculty of Cheatham County Central High School. The picture was taken at the combined reunion of the classes of 1981, 1982,…

1964 Cheatham County Central High School Cubs Football

Cubs 1964.jpg

1964 team photograph of the Cheatham County Central High School Cubs football team. The picture appeared in the Ashland City Times.

Dog with Methodist Church in background

Dog with Methodist Church in background.jpg

Photograph of dog possibly in the yard of Dr. P.L. Pitt on Frey Street in Ashland City in 1950s. The Ashland City Methodist Church can be see in the…

Men's Sunday School Class Ashland City Methodist Church

Ashland City Methodist Church men's Sunday School Class.jpg

A photo of the men's Sunday School class at the Ashland City Methodist Church in the 1950s. Included in the photograph are Harold Pitt, T.B. Ayers &…

Woodson's Hardware Store and Masonic Hall

Woodson's Store, Pleasant View 1970.jpg

1970 photo of Woodson's Hardware Store and Masonic Hall on Main Street in Pleasant View. The building was torn down in the 1970s. Today a replica…

Catch Me If You Can cast photographs

Brian Farmer.jpg

Individual photographs of cast members of the 1978 senior play, "Catch Me If You Can". These photographs appeared in the program for the play.