~Growing the Archives~

     Our purpose is to serve as the primary repository for Cheatham County Government records, and to maintain the collection and preservation of those records, along with that of historical documents, photos, and other materials.  As stated in our mission and vision, we strive to promote local government efficiency and historical preservation, while providing innovative approaches to research and expanding accessibility of selected historical resources to the community.
We welcome donations of photographs and documents pertaining to Cheatham County families and communities.  If you  have items such as those that you would like to keep, but wish for them to be a part of the Archives, we are happy to digitize those items for you at no cost.

Recently Added Items

State Stove Manufacturing Company

State Stove 1975.jpg

An aerial view of State Stove Manufacturing Company, now A.O. Smith. In the picture the old Cheatham County Central High School, now Ashland City…

Graduation Invitation 1979 Cheatham County Central High School

1979 CCCHS Invitation front.jpg

The invitation for the graduation ceremonies of the 1979 senior class of Cheatham County Central High School.

Ashland City Cumberland River Bridge Prior to Demolition

Old AC Bridge 1.jpg

Photographs of the Montgomery Bell Cumberland River Bridge in Ashland City which was demolished in the 1990s.

1908 Election Results from Walton's School

1908 Election Returns 1.jpg

The November 1908 election booklet from the Walton's Schoolhouse. The list of voters from the community, election judges and a Tennessee House of…

Allen Brothers, Cheap Hill & Whiteway Grocery Pleasant View Photographs

Allen Bros. 1973.jpg

Photographs of the Allen Brothers Bi-Rite Grocery at Cheap Hill and Whiteway Bi-Rite Grocery in Pleasant View from the 1974 Echo Annual of Cheatham…

Ashland City Bank & Trust Company Building 1974

AC Bank 1968.jpg

The Ashland City Bank & trust Company building pictured in 1974 from the Cheatham County Central High School annual the Echo. The bank building was…

1977 Thespians

1977 Thespian Officers.jpg

The 1977 Thespian Troupe at Cheatham County Central High School.

1976 Thespians

1976 Thespians 1.jpg

The members of the 1976 Thespian Troupe at Cheatham County Central High School.

Principal Thomas Capley

Capley 1.jpg

December 1, 1968, Thomas Capley, second year CCHS principal, his wife and first year teacher Otis Mabry were killed in an automobile accident near…

1978 Thespians

1978 Thespians.jpg

The 1978 membership of the Thespian Society at Cheatham County Central High School.